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Sales Prospecting with Video

By Ruben Dua @rubendua2021-01-22 18:46:21.121Z

Welcome to the definitive guide to sales prospecting with video! We are living in a world where marketing tactics are constantly shifting. From the proliferation of television ads to the rise of programmatic advertising, small and large businesses alike must pay attention to where their marketing efforts will obtain the best return on investment. Even if you aren’t a marketer by trade, it is important to monitor these trends—regardless of your industry.

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    Ruben Dua @rubendua2021-01-22 18:49:36.104Z

    Leverage the power of video to maximize your sales prospecting efforts. Sales prospecting with video can increase open/click/close rates and people simply prefer to watch a video rather than read texts. Watch this YouTube video from Dubb and learn more about actionable videos at

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      Ruben Dua @rubendua2021-01-22 18:55:58.888Z

      Check this tweet out to learn more about sales enablement with video.